Podcasts’ FOMO

I have a problematic relationship with podcast queues. Obviously, more new podcast minutes are entering my inbox list than hours in a day. So, I should be resigned that I’ll never listen to them all. Yet, I feel constantly bugged by the fact that they are there waiting.

I should skip them. Surrender that I’ll never be able to catch up with all the episodes. I should delete the less interesting ones and move on.

But my completionist part suffers from it. I often listen to 1 hour of podcasts I didn’t really care about, only to mark them as complete. 🤔

What was the damn point?

Every choice we make means giving up to infinite alternatives. It is a rock-solid truth of life that is really hard to master.

I should start with my podcast queue. At least.

Davide Aversa @thek3nger