AI and the Meaning of Art

I am not convinced by the idea that if AI is able to create “better art” than humans, then humans will lose the motivation for art, and all human creations will suddenly lose meaning.

Yes, AI one day will write in a blink of an eye a better book than I will ever write… so what?

Currently, I write even knowing that other humans create consistently and more easily better books than I could possibly ever write. Is this making my work meaningless to me? Is the idea of better writers, or better pixel artists, or better composers, is depriving me of something? No. I am doing creative things because I like doing them, because I need to do them, because they are important and significant to me. I enjoy the process; I like to be able to say that that thing is mine. I value that a human did it (the same I am more excited watching a human chess match than watching two chess engines battling each other).

So, no. If an AI can create better books than humans, good for them. The meaning of art is way bigger than its mere output.

Davide Aversa @thek3nger